Honeywell Air Purifier Reviews 2017

Honeywell has continuously been rated as one of the tops recommended companies by allergists for producing one of the highest quality air purifiers nowadays.

One of best things for Honeywell company is that they created and patented they own filter which is called iFD technology.

iFD is one of the newest technology in air purifiers. It is said that it blocks 99% of bad things in the air and removes such allergy and other types.

There are 3 main types of AirGenius Series

  • AirGenius 3 (HFD300)
    AirGenius 4 (HFD310)
    AirGenius 5 (HFD320)

Similarities between for three above listed AirGenius models are like this

Most of them have these features

  • iFD filter
  • A washable filter
  • an odor reducing filter
  • New control panel
  • Energy Star Certification
  • Tower design
  • Warranty and Support

Differences between them are listed like this

  • Room coverage AirGenius 3 230 square feet – AirGenius 4 – 250 sq feet.
  • Fan speed Air Genius 3 = 3 levels, Air Genius 4 = 4 levels, Air Genius 5 = 5 levels.
  • Shutting Down Automatically ( AIR GENIUS 3 NO, AIR GENIUS 4 YES, AIR GENIUS 5 YES

Differences between them are very small. Biggest difference they have is square feet. In case you have a big home and you want to clean air in more rooms then you should go with AirGenius 5.

On the other hand TIMER, OFF or shutting down automatically is a pretty big thing to concern. Time by time when you use an Air Purifier you need to put them for example shut down in 30 minutes. In this way, you don’t have to worry they will work all the time and one of the biggest problems when you go to sleep you don’t need to worry if its working or not.

No matter which AirGenius from Honeywell you use you always will have clean and fresh air. As we mentioned earlier indoor air is worse 5x time more than outside. Air Purifiers from Honeywell also helps in case you have dust in your home or some types of allergies. They also help in case you have mold in the house which can be very bad for your health.

PRICES OF AIRGENIUS AIR PURIFIERS from Honeywell are listed like this:

Honeywell HFD300 AirGenius3 = $139.99 FREE Shipping

Honeywell HFD310 AirGenius4 Air Cleaner = 127$

Honeywell AirGenius5 Air Cleaner = 167$


Allergen Remover Series

The models in this new series include:

  • Allergen Remover HPA100
  • Allergen Remover HPA200
  • Allergen Remover HPA300

Here we are going to explain different Allergen Air Purifier Removers from Honeywell. As we know Honeywell is one of best companies when it comes to removing allergies.

Similarities between models 

  • All of them have TRUE-HEPA filter, which means they are able to block 99% of bad things in air
  • Activated Pre-Carbon Filter – this is a must filter because it is only one that helps People with allergies.
  • Easy controls
  • Automatic Shut Off Timer with 2, 4 and 8-hour intervals
  • AHAM certified
  • Warranty and support via different ways

Differences between Models

  • Size Coverage
  • HPA100 – up to 155 sq. ft.
  • HPA200 – up to 310 sq. ft.
  • HPA300 – up to 465 sq. ft.

As you can see most of the models for removing allergy are pretty much the same. The only thing you want to search for is your square feet where you live. In case you have a big home or something bigger where you live you must go with HPA300 model.

In case you are looking for something quiet you most look after HPA200 model Honeywell.

  • The Good Side

AHAM Certification guarantees the effectiveness of its
Size and shape allow it to fit anywhere in a room, including a corner
Fresh air is actually pumped out the top of the machine, not the front as competitor products
Automatic shut off timer is actually a great feature Easy to fit a model to a specific size room. Not forced to buy too powerful or perhaps too poor of a product.
Nice design

  • The Bad Side

Filter replacements might be expensive
Wish HPA300 came in whitish too, not only black
Would appreciate the choice of having a remote control


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