Best Wooden Toilet Seats Worth Buying

The toilet is the one part of the house where one gets to spend quiet personal time reading their favorite magazine, surfing the net via a smart-phone or mobile gaming while taking care of the ‘nature’s call.’ The toilet seat is one part of the home furnishing that is mostly ignored in the past. Today, as most people are conscious of their home décor, the need to match and complement every part of the house with the furnishing is trending. This includes the bathroom as well. Many homeowners are looking to switch to wooden toilet seats from plastic toilet seats. The little change in the toilet seat from the boring plastic toilet seat to the wooden one can significantly change the way your bathroom looks. Wooden Toilet seat gives off a warmer ambiance to your bathroom.  Wooden toilet seat also makes the furnishings of the bathroom look classy and sophisticated. Today many homes are using wooden toilet seats to add a vintage feel to their entire home décor.

Why opt for a wooden toilet seat?

When it comes to choosing toilet seats for your home, the most common options in terms of materials are plastic and wood. Plastic toilet seats are commonly used in many homes in the past as they come in various colors, sizes, and are cheaper. However, plastic toilet seats are now considered boring, and maintenance is also difficult as some scratches can easily appear even when cleaning. Plus, plastic toilet seats are cold and uncomfortable to use during winters.

On the other hand, wooden toilet seats, although a little more expensive than the standard plastic toilet seats are warmer even in cold winter months. It also adds a traditional and classic look to your bathroom décor. Wooden toilet seats are more durable and more scratch resistant than plastic toilet seats.

A wiggly toilet seat is a common toilet seat issue that many homes have to face. Changing the toilet seat to a wooden one can eliminate this issue with ease. Wooden toilet seats are comfortable and sturdier than a plastic toilet seat. They do not wiggle so do not make the user uncomfortable. When planning to buy a wooden toilet seat, there are few things you must research to help you find the ideal wooden toilet seat without any hassle. A common mistake people make is not doing enough research and buying products without knowing the real purpose of the product. If you do your research well and learn all you need to know about wooden toilet seats before you step out to buy one for yourself, you will not be tempted to make the purchase on your impulse. Planning will also ensure that you stay within your pre-set budget.

Today, not only the bathroom, even the choice of the toilet seat plays an essential part of the home décor. In the past, toilet seats were acknowledged only its functionality and never thought of as a way to make your style statement. It is also only recently that people have realized that they can do their personal toilet business in comfort just by changing the material of the toilet seat from plastic to a wooden toilet seat. Plastic toilet seat remains cold throughout the year, and it is unbearably cold in winter, especially for people living in cold regions. The simple change to wooden toilet seat can change your toilet experience.

 Things to remember when looking for a wooden toilet seat

There are a few things to remember when buying a wooden toilet seat. The following tips will guide you to find the ideal wooden toilet seat for your home.

  1. Budget: If you are looking for a good quality toilet seat then you should be ready to spend more. Wooden toilet seats are more expensive than regular plastic toilet seat; however, they are durable and long lasting. A wooden toilet seat also comes with metal hinges which are, again, more durable than the plastic ones. Different types of wood used will also affect the prices of a wooden toilet seat. If you search online then you would get more options in terms of costs, types of wood used, sizes, color, design, etc. When buying wooden toilet seats, depending on your budget, you will get many options you can choose. If you are renovating the bathrooms in your home or newly constructing your home, it is recommended that you stick to a budget and not get swayed by your impulse when shopping.
  2. Quality: when setting a budget, you must consider the quality of the wooden toilet seat you are going to purchase. It is crucial that you consider the quality of the wooden toilet seat you are interested in. Cheap toilet seat will not be durable nor will it provide any comfort to the users. The more expensive models are more comfortable to use than the cheaper models. Besides the price of the wooden toilet seat, you must also consider the wood that has been used to manufacture it. Whether you want a real heavy wood or bamboo, you must also consider the future maintenance, cleaning, etc. of the wooden toilet seat before purchasing.
  3. Size: in general, toilet seats whether plastic or wooden comes in two main sizes which are round or elongated and are either 1/8” or 1/4 “ long or wide as the standard toilet seats. You can easily find either a round wooden toilet seat or an elongated toilet seat easily. Regardless of what size your toilet bowl is, you will surely find an ideal wooden toilet seat that will not only fit your toilet bowls but will also add a sense of style to your bathroom furnishing. Although, it must be mention that many manufacturers make unique toilet bowl designs with unique toilet seats. If you happened to use such toilet bowls in your home, you might have to contact that particular manufacturer to help you find the right toilet seat that fit your toilet bowls as finding similar toilet seat size in the market will be difficult. The size of the toilet bowl should be carefully considered when installing a new toilet at home so that in future it is not difficult to find spare parts.
  4. Finishes: There are many options available if you are looking for an overlay or finish. You can also opt to keep the wood’s natural finish or even choose for the molded wood overlay which comes in various unique designs. A rustic wood finish, or a vintage look, will add a touch of homely rural in your bathroom. You can also choose different themes such as the ocean, flowers, comic, etc. as per your style. You can also customize the wooden toilet seat finish to compliment your overall home décor.
  5. Colors: Wooden toilet seats come in various colors too. Once you have decided the style of overlay or finish you want, you can also choose the colors of the overlay or finish. A toilet seat can also be a way to display your style statement. Whether it is in home décor or your personal style, the toilet seat can provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your personality and style. You can either go for bold colors or the subtle colors. Whichever color you pick should, however, compliment the rest of the bathroom décor or the entire home décor.
  6. Comfort: when it comes to choosing a wooden toilet seat, the main focus is first on the level of comfort it provides. A good wooden toilet seat would give comfort to the user. The wooden toilet seat is generally warmer than the plastic toilet seat, so it is safe to say that wooden toilet seat is more comfortable than the plastic toilet seat. Plus, wooden toilet seats are more sturdy and stable than the plastic ones. The plastic toilet seats main issue is its unsteadiness which makes the users very uncomfortable. So the wooden toilet seat is more comfortable and robust.
  7. Installation: when buying a toilet seat, you must also check out whether it will be easy to install the wooden toilet seat yourself or you would need the help of a professional. Most wooden toilet seats come with metal hinges. These hinges are easy to install, and the best part is that they are durable and long lasting. The standard toilet seat has two bolts that fit into the bowl. The standard distance for the holes is 5.5” apart with 5.5 hole size. With the correct size, you can quickly bolt it and you are done. However, it is better to measure the distance of the holes of your existing toilet to easy installation purpose. It is easy to install new toilet seat on a new toilet bowl, however, if you are replacing an old toilet seat with the new wooden toilet seat, the old one may not be too easy to uninstall. Once the toilet bowls are attached to the floor, it becomes difficult to replace the toilet seat. There are many guides available on how to install and uninstall toilet seats online.
  8. Regular slam close or slow close option: The old toilet seats are mostly the slam-close ones. The only way to close the traditional toilet seat is to slam the lid or hold it in your hand and placing it gently on the toilet bowls, which in many cases may seem very unhygienic, especially in public toilets. The slow-close toilet seat option is a relatively innovation that allows the toilet lid or the toilet seat or both to close slowly. The slow-close option eliminates noisy slamming and potential damage to the toilet seat. It is also more hygienic than the old slam-close ones.
  9. Style and design: At the end of the day, it is the overall look of the bathroom that will matter. When choosing a wooden toilet seat, be sure to select one that matches with the other wooden furnishing in the bathroom. You can choose any style or finish to match with the entire home décor. If you have a theme in your home décor and furnishing, you can also customize the wooden toilet seat to blend in with the rest of the furnishing.
  10. Other add-on features: One of the trending add-ons to your toilet is the bidet toilet seat. You do not need additional space to fix it. It will be easily added on to the rim of the toilet seat. The benefits of using bidet are that the use of toilet papers will be reduced, reduce clogging of the toilet and also helps to maintain good personal hygiene. Bidets can be used on wooden toilet seats too. The other add-on that is popular is the Toilet seat light. These toilet seat lights are cordless and powered by the AAA cells. It can be easily attached to the rim of the toilet seats. The toilet seat light is practical especially for homes with children. As most of us spend a good part of our lives in the toilet, it is only wise to ensure that we are comfortable while using it. With the coming of new inventions such as the bidet toilets, the importance of making many people have realized every part of our lives easy and comfortable. We can make our toilet experience more comfortable by merely adding innovative gadgets and accessories.

As the world keeps moving forward with innovations and new technologies each day, more and more people are feeling disconnected to nature and so the urge to get back to Mother Nature and preserving it has been growing in many people. Not everyone has the luxury to move from modern to traditional life at a whim, however; everyone can enjoy a little bit of the country and a rustic life by adding objects made from natural materials in their homes. The wooden toilet seat is just a part of such fantasy; however, it serves its purpose very well indeed by providing a traditional feel without interfering but rather complimenting with the modern aesthetic of the world today.

Here we listed best wooden toilet seat we could find on Amazon based on buyers reviews and purchases.


  • Top-Tite hinges
  • Non-corrosive bolts and wing nuts
  • Recommended for residential use
  • Manufactured in the United States



  • Exceptional wood finish brings natural beauty to your bath with no splitting or cracking
  • Classic metal non-tarnish hinge accents bath hardware
  • Fits all manufacturers’ elongated bowls in the US and Canada
  • Made in the USA with environmentally friendly materials and processes
  • Natural oak finish wood toilet seat
  • Features stylish and secure, no-tarnish chrome hinges
  • Fits all manufacturers’ elongated bowls in the US and Canada


  • Molded Wood Seat
  • Oak-Like Grain Design
  • Polished Brass Hinges
  • Durable finish
  • Color-matched bumpers



  • Slow Close Toilet Seat
  • Fits all manufacturers’ round bowls (adjustable from 15.3 to 17.1 inches in the length)
  • Easy to install
  • Premium surface
  • Strong hinges

6)Comfort Seats

  • Hand-Selected premium grade wood for beauty and durability
  • Factory installed hinges ensure perfect alignment between the cover and seat
  • Simple to install, corrosion proof, self-aligning hardware
  • Stainless Steel hinge screws eliminated rust
  • Multi-coat surface finish provides a beautiful, long-lasting and durable finish

7)Mayfair 19602NI

  • Exceptional wood finish brings natural beauty to your bath with no splitting or cracking
  • Classic metal non-tarnish hinge accents bath hardware
  • Fits all manufacturers’ elongated bowls in the US and Canada
  • Made in the USA with environmentally friendly materials and processes


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