Ultimate Best Air Purifier for Smoke or Weed or Tobacco 2018

Nowadays you can find several methods to get rid of Smoke or Weed from your home. We all know how much It sucks when you try to smoke inside hidden usually from your parents. So Is there a way or device which helps you to smoke without invading most of your home or room? Yes, there Is a good solution which we recommend.

Why Air Purifier Is best when It comes to Smoke or Weed

We all know that one of biggest problem People who smoke their hands and body smell bad and always should be outside of their home in order te keep Air Fresh and Cleaned. One of biggest problem People who smoke Is they don’t want to smoke inside but that leaves a horrible smell also causes health problems for People near them. The good news is that Air Purifier technologies now are moving forward and they found a great solution to keep air fresh and clean from smoke or tobacco.

Ultimate Purifier for Removing Cigarette Smoke or Tobacco should have these features

First, we need to explain and make you understand what kind of features you should look before you buy an Air Purifier which Is going to remove the completely bad smell. Not all Air Purifiers are created In the same way and most important for the same purpose. Some of them work better with smoke while some others for better for example for dust. The real truth Is not that every Air Purifier is able to remove Smoke and cheap ones don’t work in same way as expensive ones. Most of Air Purifiers are created to remove allergens, dust or pet dander but here we have 3 best options. An Air Purifier In order to remove Smoke or Tabaco must have these features:

  • A TRUE – HEPA FILTER which removes till 3 microns and larger and 99% of bad things in the air.
  • Activated Carbon Filter which removes completely odor of smoke.

Activated Carbon Filter Is secret recipe that is created for smoke especially. Note this Is a must feature in order to remove smoke odor from your house or your room.


Now here we are going to recommend 3 best Air Purifiers for Smoke which are recommended by experts of Air Purifiers.

(1) Rabbit Air MinusA2 

Rating: 4.9 stars
Price: $459Cleaning air Smoke

Why is this Air Purifier best for Smoke?

1.Simply because It is most completed Air Purifier in the market. It uses 6 super features from air purification till deodorization. This product cleans the air perfectly.

2.Another great thing for this type of purifier is that can be mounted on a wall or stand on the floor.

3. It is able to clean air in 700 square or 65 meters.

(2)Austin Air HealthMate HM 400

Rating: 4.8 starsAustin Air Purifier
Price: $535

The best thing about this product is that contains 15 pounds of Activated Carbon Filter. As we already explained ACF is a must feature so no other Air Purifier can compete this Air Purifier when it comes to ACF. Another great feature about this Air Purifier Is that you can move it in any direction or room you want. It has the function of 360 degrees. Comparing to Rabbit Air MinusA2 Is it more expensive but also It can remove the odor of smoke from till 1500 square. It is enough for one family to live in clean fresh air. NOTE: this type of Air Purifier comes with a 5-year guarantee which is great. It means you don’t have to change it every year as we explained earlier that what makes an Air Purifier great Is that filter which is needed to be changed at least once a year because they get filled with dirt. Our third choice is

(3)VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series

It has many features and it is cheaper but as you know the more expensive better product.

Smoke Veva removingRating Star 4.0
Price: 90$

IT has these features

  • CAPTURES 99%

Disdavtanges of him are that he doesn’t have Activated Carbon Filter which means It is not completed.

Natural ways to get rid of Smoke 

First of all, smoke causes many health problems as you know. But If you still are smoking inside here are some natural ways to get rid of the smoke. Create a special room or place for smoking. Yes, the best thing is just to find a place for you only for you in order to protect your family and things near you. As you know smoke goes into clothes and other things which leave a bad odor. So best Idea is to find your perfect spot so no one is affected by the smell of Smoke. Use Sprayers Nowadays markets are full of Sprayers but we recommend only green products. As you know markets are full of crap and bad things which can be very bad for your health. Before you buy any spray against smoke be sure to be GREEN products which don’t contain any harmful things inside. Read all the time how to use and guidelines.

Add Indoor Plants

The final step for a way to induce eliminate roll of tobacco smell you ought to take is to feature indoor plants to your home or housing. You’ll be stunned at however well this low-cost addition to your home can create. In fact, a 2-year study by an independent agency and also the Associated Landscape Contractors of America discovered that indoor plants will shut down to eighty-seven of indoor pollutants. verify additional concerning this study on LifeHacker.com.

Clean the Carpets – Carpets and space rugs tend to lure and lock in additional smoke smell than anything within a home or flat. though these items create our homes look nice, the fine woven strands of cloth play a simple activity spot for smoke particles to hold out and emit their odor. According to sensible work, one amongst the best ways in which to for a way to eliminate smoke odor is to sprinkle a dry coarse carpet cleaner onto your rug surfaces. once rental this substance sits for 15-20 minutes it ought to neutralize the smoke smell and may then vacuum it up. For stubborn odors, you’ll repeat this method 2-3 a lot of times. If this technique fails to fully take away the smell, you’ll then would like to scrub the rug employing a carpet shampoo. you’ll do that yourself by transaction a carpet shampooer from your native ironmongery store or by hiring an expert cleanup company to try and do it.

Repaint the Walls Repaint the Walls A common suggestion you’ll realize on different websites regarding obtaining obviate smoke smell is to use a cleanup resolution to clean your walls. whereas this will work, it may be terribly ho-hum and time intensive. In some homes, it’s going to even take quite one application. For smoke smell what we propose that you simply  is repainting the walls. this may prevent plenty of your time and energy. The easiest technique to try and do this is often to use two coats of Kilz complete latex primer to the walls and ceilings. This complete of primer is one amongst the most effective within the trade and works very well for this sort of state of affairs. Once the second coat of primer has dried, the smoke odor ought to be contained. Next, simply follow up with an honest coat of rubber-base paint in any color that you simply select.


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