Types of Allergy Medications and the Best Use of them

Types of Allergy Medications and the Best Use of them

Nowadays million of People suffer from different allergies on a daily basis. Like everyone who has a problem trying to solve that problem also People who suffer from allergies try different methods. We mentioned in our previous post that best way to fight your allergies Is by changing your lifestyle.

There are several methods to fight Allergy-like natural methods also medication which sometimes help a lot even though we don’t recommend them.

This site is created to help People to remove allergies with Air Purifier but we also going to explain how that is going to help with medication.

Main Types of Allergy Medication

If you understand these types of Medication which we are going to explain them now one by one Is going to help you a lot in future so you know with what are you dealing off.

We are going to explain:

  • Bronchodilators
  • Mast Cell Stabilizers
  • Leukotriene Modifiers and combination drugs
  • Antihistamines


STEROIDSSteroids to fight Allergyes

Steroids, or corticosteroids, square measure accustomed cut back the inflammation related to versions. Steroids square measure helpful at preventing nasal congestion, sneezing, and liquid nose. This treatment is usually used for patients with year-round allergies and might solely be earned through a prescription.

Although steroids square measure highly effective for the treatment of allergies, they need to be used daily to stay helpful. Steroids are available the shape of pills and liquids and square measure ordinarily found in inhalers, topical creams, and eye drops. for several doctors, prescribing steroids aboard alternative allergic reaction treatment medications is common follow. as a result of steroids should be taken for one or time period before it starts operating, many of us square measure unaware of the facet effects, that embrace, however, aren’t restricted to:

Weight gain
High pressure
Fluid retention
Growth suppression
Muscle weakness
To ensure the correct use of steroids, take care to raise your doctor concerning your distinctive medical desires.

Examples of Steroids:

Prescription Nasal: Beconase, Zetonna, Flonase
OTC Nasal: Rhinocort allergic reaction, Flonase allergic reaction Relief, Nasacort allergic reaction twenty-four hour
Inhaled: QVar, Flovent, Asmanex
Eye drops: Alrex, Dexone Ophthalmic
Oral: Orasone


Bronchodilators and somatic cell Stabilizers Bronchodilators for Allergyes

Used in inhalers to regulate bronchial asthma symptoms, Bronchodilators dilate the cartilaginous tube tubes within the throat to market higher air flow. Bronchodilators square measure unremarkably employed by people that square measure already laid low with AN hypersensitivity, providing instant relief for up to twelve hours by clearing the mucous secretion within the throat and space gap the airways. Bronchodilators square measure terribly potent and will neer be overused. devil-may-care use of bronchodilators could end in a high-pressure level, quick heartbeat, arrhythmia, and even death.

Examples of Bronchodilators:

Ventolin, Pro-Air, Proventil
As for somatic cell stabilizers, they’ll be accustomed treat inflammation within the cartilaginous tube tubes. Used most typically to assist with foreseeable allergic flair-ups, somatic cell stabilizers square measure unremarkably administered before exposure to AN substance to forestall unwanted symptoms. This treatment choice is obtainable through prescription solely and comes within the kind of pills, sprays, and drops. what is more, somatic cell stabilizers take a couple of weeks to become effective, therefore different treatment choices should be employed in conjunction once used properly, somatic cell stabilizers square measure safe and effective, with facet effects together with a burning sensation and blurred vision.

Examples of somatic cell Stabilizers:

Intal, Alomide, Alocril

Leukotriene Modifiers 

Used to treat the respiratory disorder and nasal allergic reaction ailments, leukotriene modifiers ar typically prescribed aboard alternative allergic reaction medications and are available within the sort of pills, granules, or tender tablets. this selection works by block chemicals within the body that manufactures versions. aspect effects embrace, however, doesn’t seem to be restricted to the following:

  • Stomach pain
    Behavioral problems
    If victimization prescription grade allergic reaction medication doesn’t interest you, victimization easy over-the-counter product could facilitate. water answer, or saline, loosens mucous secretion quickly and prevents crusting. It conjointly contains no drugs. Artificial tears are effective at treating fidgety, watery eyes and contain no meditative ingredients.

Examples of Leukotriene Modifiers:

  • Singulair

Combination medicine

Keep in mind that some doctors would possibly impose, otherwise you would possibly notice on the shelves of your native drug store, combination hypersensitivity reaction medicine that ar designed to combat multiple symptoms of allergies. These medications might have completely different facet effects once combined, therefore make sure to browse the label. raise your doctor if you’ve got specific questions on however combination hypersensitivity reaction medicine might have an effect on your health.

Examples of Combination Drugs:

  • OTC: Zyrtec-D, Allegra-D, antihistamine hypersensitivity reaction and Sinus
    Prescription: Semprex-D, Optivar, Dymista


Decongestants, like antihistamines, square measure accustomed combat the immediate effects of matter exposure. However, decongestants square measure in the main accustomed experience a stuffy nose. typically prescribed aboard associate degree medicament, decongestants is earned over-the-counter still.

Finding decongestants within the style of pills, sprays, and liquid drops is common. The nasal sprays and eye drops ought to be used solely as directed, and generally can not be used regularly for quite many days at a time. Pill and liquid-form decongestants is taken for extended. Still, long-run use of decongestants will create symptoms worse, therefore make certain to follow all directions closely.

A hypersensitivity that concerns the employment of decongestants can involve nasal swelling and redness. Decongestants forestall the liner of the nose from turning into inflamed when exposure to allergens like pet dander, ragweed, and pollen. the rise the mucous secretion will influence the eyes still, that is why decongestants square measure generally within the style of eye drops.

The dangers of mistreatment decongestants without showing responsibility square measure several, however correct use of decongestants will facilitate allergies enormously. In general, decongestants will raise pressure level, cause sleep disorder, create someone feel irritable, or limit urinary flow through the duct. make certain to talk together with your doctor to search out out that medicament treatment can work best for you.

Examples of Decongestants:

Tablets or liquid: naphazoline, Neo-Synephrine
Nasal spray: Afrin


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