Top Best 7 Ceiling Fans Ever Created

If you want to save money and your health, ceiling fans are best options comparing to air conditioner or humidifier which change your temperature and other things in the air.

Here is quick fact: most of the fans work in the same way, only things that change are speed and type of blades.


Hunter 53237 Builder Plus 52-Inch


Quick features of this ceiling fan:


Hunter Fan Company 53242

  • Five reversible Harvest Mahogany/ Brazilian Cherry blades included; Light kit adaptable
  • Pull chain for 3- speed operation; Reversible WhisperWind motor provides airflow up to 5,049 CFM
  • Two downrods included; Installer’s choice mounting system allows for standard, flush and angled mounting
  • Designed for indoor use; ENERGY STAR rated
  • Limited lifetime warranty


Here are some other features you would want to look before you buy

Energy Efficiency: You would want to buy a Fans which does not consume too much energy otherwise will cost you too much. Fans will lower your room temperature by 4 degrees but don’t forget to turn off when you leave the room. In this way, you save a good amount of energy.

Blade types and Airflow: you always want to look after CFM(CUBIC FEET METER).

If you have the bigger place that you want to put your ceiling fan then you want to look for bigger CFM. If blades are bigger and airflow is bigger it means it will make more noise. In case you are a person that doesn’t get disturbed by noise then you want to buy ceiling fan with bigger CFM. You can find information of every ceiling fan in they’re notes.

Ceiling Fan Number of Blades

Light of Ceiling Fan: This is also a good feature that you want to look after. If you want low light then you must choose fans with low light. Good thing is that you can always change bubble of your fan.

Fan Light Feature

Light Bulb Wattage

Style: there are different types of ceiling fans. Nowadays you have every style you want. In case your style is a classic then you can find different ceiling fans decorated with woods etc. In case your home looks modern then you would want to go after modern ceiling fan with remote and other features. You always would want to match your color room with your ceiling fan.

Here are some styles of ceiling fans we found on Amazon:

Art Deco 
Tropical & Beach 



One of the most important features is size. The size of ceiling fan also determines the style. In case you want to put ceiling fan for a bedroom, you would want to look after small size and small blades which gives the room a better look. If you want ceiling fan for your kitchen then you might want a bigger fan. In kitchen also fans help to remove bad smell and odor. Also, will lower temperature which comes from cooking etc.

Remote Control: If you are a lazy person like me and you want to do all things from the coach then you always want to look after remote control.


You always would want to keep it clean. 

First of all, if you don’t clean it regularly ( at least once a month ) It will collapse in dust and can create health problems.

Second: in case you have some guest you don’t want your ceiling to have spiders and dust and other things.