Top 5 Rated Air Purifiers for 2018

Before you buy you might need some information which one is best and why. You need some information which air purifier is best for your needs.

Here are we going to explain to top 5 Air Purifiers that clean air in general or for your special needs, maybe have allergies in the air and you want to remove them or probably you have pets that release hair or dander and you want to remove them.

Every company that produces air purifiers has they own features. Here we are going to explain all features of air purifiers in details.
We also are going to explain disadvantages of air purifiers each of them individually.

1) GermGuardian AC5000E 3-in-1 Air Cleaner

RATING = 4.9
PRICE = 120$

Germ Guardian is one of best companies in the market for years. They keep producing one of best products in the world and are committed to they clients. They do have support and warranty for 5 years. Here are some features

  • True HEPA Filter captures 99.97% of dust and allergens as small as .3 microns such as household dust, pet dander, mold spores and plant pollens.
  • Charcoal filter reduces common odors from pets, smoking and cooking.
  • UV-C light technology works with Titanium Dioxide to kill airborne bacteria, viruses, germs and mold spores.
  • 28 inch 3 speed tower is best used for medium to large rooms and CADR rated 125+
  • IMPORTANT: Use GENUINE Guardian Technologies replacement parts to maintain product performance and warranty. Only one single filter needs to be replaced every 6-8 months depending on the use of the product; Replacement filter is filter C – Model FLT5000 (ASIN B003AKIGFS) . To lengthen the life of your filter, a 4 pack of the carbon filters is also available – Model FLT28CB4 (ASIN B017ANUUTA). Voltage: 120V 60Hz


This product is able to till 200 sq feet to clean air. One of best things is created in vertical design and it is easy to carry and you can move it everywhere.

DISADVANTAGES: For the first time when you use it you want to leave it outside because it might release some plastic odor which is very bad for your health. As you know plastic is not good for your health. 


2) Honeywell HPA300  Allergen Remover

Rating: 4.6 stars
Price: $220

Quick fact: Honeywell company is most recommend product by doctors for allergies.
This company uses always two filters ( TRUE HEPA FILTER and Carbon Filter ).
This air purifier can clean air till 500 sq feet.

Here are some features of this Air Purifier from Honey Well 

  • Helps capture certain airborne germs
  • Circulates room air up to 5 times per hour & AHAM CADR Rated 300 – Room Size: 21′ x 22′ (465 sq. ft.)
  • Activated Carbon Prefilter helps reduce unpleasant odors
  • Easy tap electronic controls w/ 3 air cleaning levels plus Turbo Clean setting & 2, 4, & 8 hour timer. Electronic filter replacement reminders.


3)Rabbit Air MinusA2

Rating: 4.5 stars
Price: $500

We can easily consider this air purifier is one of best choices in the market. From the price you can tell that he has all features and Is build in right way.

This air purifier has all filters possible

  1. Pre-filter
  2. Medium Filter
  3. BioGS HEPA Filter
  4. Carbon Filter
  5. Customized Filter
  6. Ion Generator

Here are some features for this purifier

  • Amazon A-to-Z Purchase Protection & Rabbit Air No-Hassle Return Policy with Super Fast Shipping
  • BioGS® HEPA filtration with six stages of purification and deodorization
  • Customized filter option of your choice and includes FREE wall-mount kit.
  • Room coverage up to 700 sq. ft.
  • 5 Year Warranty with Free Shipping and 24/7 Customer Support

4)Products SKY1057 Ionic Air Purifier/Ozone Ionizer

Rating: 4.3 stars
Price: $130

  • Stainless steel and solid Cherry color Wood cabinetry
  • Breaks down odor-causing pollutants and dropping airborne particulate from your breathing space
  • Recreates the Natural balance of +/- ions to significantly reduce airborne particulate
  • Negative ions created around the clock to keep down dust and particulate
  • Plate receiver slot-allows insertion and removal of ceramic plates for cleaning

In case you are looking for ionic air ionizer then you are looking for best product. One of best things about this product is that is covered with wood which gives unique style which is classic. It has so much power that It can cover till 3500 sq feet.

One of the disadvatanges this product might have is that when you use it at full speed it’s not recommended to be in the room due to his power (3500 sq feet). Some People has complained that caused them hard to breathe while others said this was not a big problem.


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