Best Natural ways to get rid of Asthma

Are you tired of using pills to get rid of asthma without success?

Here we are going to explain some natural ways to get rid of asthma. For sure this article is going to help you and you can breath easier.

The best thing for natural things is that you can buy in grocery and are very easy ways to use them.

Mustard Oil

Taking high concentrate of magnesium can help you a lot. Mustard oil has a lot of magnesium and can help you in different ways.

After you use mustard oil:

  • After 7 minutes you should start to notice relief from asthma symptoms
  • dab your fingers into it and massage it on your chest
  • Heat mustard oil in a small pan and add in camphor until it dissolves


This substance is well known for his anti-inflammatory and is a great natural way to get rid of mucus that blocks your lungs and it makes difficult to breathe. The secret behind this remedy is an extract called curcumin.

  • Mix in 1tsp of turmeric powder
  • Drink this mixture at least three times per day for continuous relief
  • Heat a cup of milk on the stove or warm it in the microwave


Ginger is supernatural food. All doctors highly recommend this in daily use even if you don’t have a breathing problem or asthma problem. Ginger has been used for decades from People and it can cure different problems. It is very easy to use just slice it and use it in hot water.

Air Purifier

Even though this is not a natural way for sure it helps a lot. Technology has moved forward also air purifiers now are created in different types. Now air purifiers are able to help a lot of Asthmatic People. Here in this article, we explain which air purifier is best for asthma.