The Best Air Purifier 2017 – Honest Review

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GermGuardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System with True HEPA Filter, UV-C Sanitizer, Allergen and Odor Reduction, 22-Inch Air Purifier

If you recently brought home your bundle of joy, you’ll notice that they seem not to like their new home too much. Even though you had the house spring cleaned, he or she still sneezes. Since an infant’s immune system isn’t well-formed yet, you have to purify the air in your house.

Even though the market has thousands of air purifiers and you are trying our air purifying plants, we recommend a HEPA air purifier. According to the America Academy of Pediatrics Allergy & Immunology, HEPA air purifiers lower your child’s exposure to asthma triggers.

The GermGuardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System works in three ways because of its multifunctional features which include a True HEPA Filter, a UV-C Sanitizer, and the Activated charcoal for odor reduction.


Features of the GermGuardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System

  • HEPA Filter

It has a True HEPA filter which purifies the air and gets rid of indoor asthma and allergy triggers. The True HEPA filtration system is a superior quality air purifier that captures 99.7 percent of airborne allergens, pet dander, household dust, plant pollen, mold and other particles which can be as small as .3 microns. You’ll notice a big change in the air after a few days with the purifier running.

  • Odor reduction

This air purifier works as a pre-filter and a charcoal filter which combines with household dust, lint, odor from cooking or pets reducing odors. Activated charcoal is an excellent odor reduction agent.

  • UV-C Light Technology

Every parent gets sad when their child gets sick. Other than a fever or the endless crying, you cannot tell what ails the child. Since it is important to prevent this from happening, it is important to take preventive measures. One thing you can do is make your home as clean and as safe as it can be to protect your child.

This air purifier makes this possible its UV-C Light Technology. This technological application works by killing all airborne bacteria, fungi and viruses such as rhinovirus, streptococcus, and E.Coli. The UV-C light sanitizes through permanent damage to the bacterial or viral DNA.

Working alongside this technology is Titanium Oxide activated by UV-C light decomposing odor molecules coming from cooking, smoking or pets.

  • Versatile

This air purifier leaves nothing on its path. It gets rid of allergens, airborne viruses and bacteria, mold, and odors. It is ideal for use in a medium sized room. It has a CADR rating of 100+.

  • Indicator light

With house chores and a fussy baby, you can easily forget about replacing bulbs compromising your child’s health, but this new addition prevents that from happening.

To make sure that the purifier is always running and the UV-C bulb is in optimum working condition, the purifier has indicator lights which blink letting you know that it is time to replace the bulb.

  • Super quiet

You can trust this purifier to run all night long without waking up your child. This is possible thanks to its ultra-quiet operation.

  • Portability

Thanks to the purifier’s 7-pound lightweight design, you can move it to a different room or surface easily.


  • It is ideal for a home with asthmatic individuals
  • It freshens up and purifies the room thanks to the HEPA filter, UV-C light, and the activated charcoal
  • Lowers the incidences of allergic reactions
  • It runs quietly
  • It is affordable


  • The filter isn’t washable, and you have to buy more charcoal pre-filters
  • It doesn’t work for long
  • Some users report that it is a possible fire hazard