Airfree Air Purifier Reviews

Are you thinking about buying an Airfree air purifier, but having a hard time trying to figure out which one to get?

If so, we know exactly how you feel.

At first, trying to figure out what the pros and cons of each Airfree air sterilizer can be hard to do, but in this review we’ll shed light on how each of the company’s top six air purifying products compares.

What you’ll find below is free information on how each of the Airfree models are the same and how they’re different. By the end, you should have a clear idea on which air cleaner is best for your home.

How Airfree Air Purifiers are the Same

The Airfree line of air sterilizers consist of six models:

  • Iris 3000
    Onix 3000

1) Exclusive Patented Air Sterilizing Technology

Unlike other air purifiers that either rely on a HEPA filter or an ionizer to clean the air, Airfree devices use a special technology that eliminates microorganisms and allergens by destroying them at their core.

Airfree air cleaners operate differently by drawing air from the room into the unit, heating it to over 200 ºC and instantly sterilizing it. The clean, purified air is then cooled inside the device before being pumped back into the room.

What’s unique about this air cleaning process is that it doesn’t require any costly filters to replace or maintenance. All you have to do is turn the unit on and forget about it.

2) Completely Silent

Since all Airfree devices are filter-free and use an ionizer to clean the air within a room, there are not moving parts to create noise. Therefore, this line of air purifiers ensure completely silent operation.

With no noise to contend with, these air sterilizers are an excellent choice for any room in your house, including a bedroom, living room or office.

3) Zero Ozone an Ion Emissions

One of the major problems with competitor air cleaners is the fact that they can emit ozone as a by product of the air cleaning process. Other air purifiers are built around a process called “ionization,” which emits negative ions into the air to purify it.

Both ozone an ion emissions can cause health problems for some individuals that suffer from respiratory problems, including asthma and COPD.

No matter which Airfree product you choose, you can rest assured that there are zero ozone and ion emissions, making it the healthiest air cleaning product on the market.

How these Airfree Air Sterilizers are Different

Now that you know which features all of the Airfree models have in common, we’ll now point out how each one is different. This section should give you a clear idea which model would be the best fit for your home or office.

When you’re first confronted with making a choice on which Airfree model to pick, it may seem overwhelming because there are six models in total to choose from. With six variations, there must be a lot that’s different between each, right?


In fact, the differences between each device is actually quite minimal.

There are really only two questions you need to ask yourself before narrowing down the best choice:

  1. How large of an area do you need to purify?
  2. Do you want a solid colored nightlight or multicolored chromatherapy light?

Aside from those two factors listed above, each Airfree air purifier is identical is operation. The only other differences are the external design and price.

The chromatherapy light option allows you to change the visible light color at the push of a button. The company claims that it helps create a  more welcoming and inspiring environment, but we’ll let you decide on how important that feature is or not. Color choices include: red, orange, pink, white, violet, dark blue, blue, green, yellow and orange.



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